Sticking Carpet Tiles – “To stick or not to stick, that is the question”

One common question our customers ask is “How much glue will I need?” To answer this we usually ask, “How big is the room and are they for a full room or just a small space?”  This will help us determine your requirements.

All that weight

Each carpet tile weighs around 1kg and once fit acts like a jigsaw puzzle each tile fitting perfectly to adjacent tiles – once in place, they all stay put. 

The perfect room – or not

When placed on the floor in a room with four walls, the tile weight and the walls themselves keep everything in place and secure, with no movement of the tiles. That’s for a reasonably shaped room with a reasonably level floor. 

Being realistic, rooms are all shapes and sizes with recesses for doors, installed units, partitions and more, all affecting the run of the tiles.

Lighter tiles

So let’s reconsider the floorspace. For the main part of the floor we can lay full tiles neatly butted up against each other in our desired pattern, maybe starting at one of the corners and working diagonally from there.

A smaller piece of tile is lighter and therefore easier to displace especially if in a doorway. Will its weight hold it in place? Not unless it’s glued down.

The selective stick

The answer to our initial question depends on your room and location.

Cuts are not always perfect, so even a small gap at the room edges can cause tiles to move.

If you are intent on sticking all the tiles down then that is each individual’s choice and maybe appropriate for some situations.

For most situations, selective sticking tiles that may not hold with their own weight is the answer, with the aim of keeping the main body of tiles tight and movement free.

Might we recommend one can of spray adhesive per 50 tiles.

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